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An introduction to - fire extinguishers

Generally large fires start as small fires, often of a size that can be tackled by suitably trained staff using portable fire extinguishers. Therefore, action by staff can prevent development of a fire that would pose a threat to life, property or operation of business. Fires are classed according to the material that is burning. Therefore extinguishers provided need to be appropriate for the class of fire.
  • Suitable for Class A and F fires involving cooking fats and oils
  • Kitemarked to BS7937
  • Refillable
  • CE marked
  • One year warranty
  • Supplied with bracket
  • Height: 50cm
  • Capacity: 6L

Which fire extinguisher should I use?

View our guide to which fire extinguisher to use for different class of fires.

Refillable extinguishers

Servicing should be carried out annually. After complete or partial use, extinguishers should be refilled/serviced by a competent person/company.


Fire extinguishers

cannot be put into your household recycling bin; however you can take them to larger household waste recycling centres for disposal. Fire extinguishers are classified as hazardous waste and need to be disposed of carefully.Remember if you allow the removal of old fire extinguishers from your possession, by person or company who does not hold a valid waste license, you as the original extinguisher owner could be prosecuted for not using a licensed holder. Old and redundant fire extinguishers can be a potential threat to persons, buildings and the environment, dispose of them correctly and ethically.Because they are full of pressurised chemicals, they can't simply be thrown in the rubbish you need to take certain steps to make sure it is safe. If the fire extinguisher is not empty you must empty prior to disposal.Fire extinguishers contain different substances which are used to put out different types of fires, these substances can be toxic to the environment and so have to be removed from the extinguisher and disposed of in the correct manner.

POWDER this type require specialist disposal

FOAM this type can be dispersed into a sewer drain (not rainwater drain)

CO2 this type can be dispersed into the air

WATER this type can be dispersed into a drain


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