Aivia 200 AED wall cabinet with alarm and heating

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Strong lightweight AIVIA cabinets are designed for indoor and outdoor storage for your AED. A clear poly carbonate cover and green polymer base ensure your AED is protected from harsh environments.

With audible alarm and heating

  • Aivia cabinets are CE approved
  • Unless they are intended solely for restricted access, cabinets are open access, protected by safety seals
  • Day/night lighting (sensor) visual warnings (red flashing LED) to indicate malfunctions
  • Audible alarm system emits from 70 to 105 dB 1m, depending on model once cabinet is opened
  • External dimensions: 38 x 42 x 19cm
  • Internal dimensions: 31 x 31 x 15cm.
  • Installation must be carried out by a qualified operator who adheres to the Bornavie charter or authorized by the Aivia manufacturer.

    The Aivia should not be installed in direct exposure to sunlight. You risk exposing the defibrillator to excessive temperatures.

    Aivia product code: X2A200-XX101

    Suitable for most defibrillators. See above dimensions

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