Res-Q-Vac® aspirator – with adult canister/soft wide catheter

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RES-Q-VAC® is the recognised leader in manual suction devices. No other product comes close to RES-Q-VAC's combination of quality, performance, and safety. All at an affordable price point that gives customers an unbeatable sense of satisfaction. RES-Q-VAC® is vital in so many healthcare settings because of its ease of use and portability. Professionals count on Res-Q-VAC® to deliver consistent vacuum pressure in challenging circumstances. The versatility and customisability of the product make it easy to sell in many markets such as: hospitals, EMS, nursing homes, home care, public venues, etc.RES-Q-VAC® has no competition when it comes to performance, reliability, ease of use and quality construction.

There is no power supply or batteries to be concerned about. You can rely on RES-Q-VAC® during storms, at accident scenes, in mobile hospitals, or for any natural or man-made disaster.

  • 300ml adult canister
  • Soft/wide adult catheter.


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