Using your website account

Why do I need an account?

Your St. John Ambulance web account will provide you with additional features and conveniences.

Your personal details will be stored and you would not have to re-enter all your details the next time you purchase an item.

You may also set special preferences on your account so that the products shown on the site are those that you are most interested in. The site stores a history of your orders for a period of time and you can have it show you a list of the top products you order to speed up reordering. You are also given the option to set how many products are to be shown on screen at one time in the normal product listing view.

Shopping carts that you have started but not completed are stored with your account, so you can retrieve them later.


Creating a new account

If you don't have a username or password you can create one when you use the checkout.

Please remember that usernames should be between 6 to 20 characters in length and may only use letters, numbers, fullstops, @s, underscores and hyphens.

Passwords should be between 6 and 14 characters in length, contain a mix of uppercase, lowercase and alpha-numeric characters.


The system doesn't allow me to login

If you think you have entered your username and password correctly, please try the following:

  1. Double-check that you have not mispelled your email address.
  2. Double-check that you have not mistyped your password. Please remember that passwords are case-sensitive.
    (Important note: If you are copy-pasting your password to the password textbox, make sure that you have not highlighted any white spaces before or after the password's first and last characters, respectively. If you are manually entering the password, some characters may be mistaken for another, eg a zero could be mistaken as a letter 'O' or a small letter 'L' could be mistaken as a capital 'i'.)
  3. If you have forgotten either the email address you registered with, or password, please view the information about our reminder facility.
  4. Check that you have cookies enabled on your browser.

  5. For security purposes, your account will be locked after three or more incorrect logins. If you enter your details incorrectly three or more times then your account will be locked out for a temporary period. This temporary lockout period is initially for 10 minutes, with each further failed attempt to login (attempts to login during the lockout period will fail) the lockout period is extended by an additional 10 minutes up to a maximum of 90 minutes. (eg. your account will be reactivated ten minutes after your third failed attempt, twenty minutes after your fourth failed attempt, thirty after your fifth, etc.) If you wait this length of time and then request a new password from the reminder facility and only use the most recent password you are sent you should find you can successfully login.

  6. Please note that the login facility is only required for when purchasing items in the checkout.


Change email address*

To change or update your email address, please visit the change your email address page.

Please take note that an email address may only be registered once on our website. All email addresses should be unique.



Your password goes hand-in-hand with your registered email address.

When you request for a username/password from our reminder facility, a notification email is sent to your registered email address containing a link to where you can reset your password.

As a reminder please do not send us your password by email as this is an insecure method and could allow someone to gain unauthorised access to your login details.


Change account password*

To change or update your password, please use the change password page.

Quick reminders:

Passwords should be complex. Your password should be between 6 and 14 characters in length, contain a mix of uppercase, lowercase and alpha-numeric characters.
Passwords are case-sensitive.


* If you experience any issues please try and delete any cookies for from your browser and try again.


Forgot your username/password?

No one, including the St. John Supplies webteam, can tell what your password is. Passwords are stored securely and this means that once your password has been created (or changed), it is stored in a format that can not be decrypted. Therefore, if you ever forget your password, you would have to request for a new one using the reminder facility.

Please follow the steps to reset your password.


Change delivery/invoice address

To change or update your address, login into your account. Click on 'Your Account' at the top of the webpage. This will redirect you to your Profile Manager. Select any of the three types of addresses available: correspondence, invoice or delivery. Amend your address for that type of address, then click on the 'Update Profile' button.

If you have not submitted your address before, a form will be shown instantly. Complete this and click on the 'Add this address' button.


Secure transactions

Please see our privacy policy.



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